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About Us

Sai Group of Companies has more than 20 years of experience in coconut & coir products.

Sai Cocopeat Export Private Limited and Sai Substrates Private Limited are the two divisions in which we manufacture 100% Natural and Organic Coir Products to the horticulture, floriculture & substrates Industry. Sai Cocopeat Coir is used worldwide as a growing medium for various hydroponic crops, nurseries, plant propagation and bedding plants.

Sai Group of Company makes use of the most modern technologies and machineries along with high quality materials to produce different blends of Coir-Cocopeat Substrates. In order to guarantee a premium quality product whilst ensuring delivery targets, a continuous and ample supply of Coir Pith is required. This is why we place our factory at the heart of the coconut triangle region in India.

“Customer Satisfaction is our Motto”.

Our Production facility is our strength

Our production facility plays a vital role in our quality and sustainability. We have three production plants at three different locations of south India – Dindigul, Pollachi & Nilakottai. The entire manufacturing process is under control of highly qualified technical team. We strictly follow the international standards to achieve high quality product.

The facts

Sai Cocopeat have different recognitions that support our quality.

Sai Cocopeat Product – “Cocopeat/Coir Blocks – Natural +” have OMRI Seal which ensures that our products can be used in certified organic production, according to the National Organic Program Rule of USA.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification assures our commitment to quality and environment.

Complete Solution for which crops?

The hydroponic technique is suitable for wide variety of crops such as vegetables (Tomato, Peper, Cucumber, Strawberry, Melon, Watermelon, Greenbean….), Floriculture (Gerbera, rose, Carnation, orchid….) and also for propagation nurseries (Vegetables, citrus trees, olive trees, fruit trees….). as well as certain ornamental crops sensible to root asphyxia.

Fact Sheet

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Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier
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Dindigul, Tamil Nadu