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Cocopeat/Coir Mulch

They are rich brown lightweight blocks made from coco fibre mulch which comes from the inside of the coconut shell and is a natural by-product of coconuts. They are tightly packed blocked which expand when exposed to water. Ten pounds of coir expands into two cubic feet of mulch. Coir mulch is mostly commonly used by gardeners.

Cocopeat/Coir Mulch

Coir Mulch at Sai Cocopeat- Your ‘Why Buy’ Guide

Sai Cocopeat supplies coir mulch that is organic, biodegradable, renewable and attractive to look at. We are also coco mulch mat manufacturers. We have a coir mulch manufacturing unit which is made of state of the art equipment.

We offer these in various sizes like 2cm, 8cm and 15cm. Our products like coco peat mulch, coco chopped fibre and coir mulch increase the soil quality and deliver long term benefits to gardens and plant beds.

Sai Cocopeat also offers various hydro block and mulch grades that can be used for potting media, hydroponic growing and retail purposes. We customize the blocks for flower cultivation.

Coir Mulch- Quick Facts

  • Coir mulch both holds water and drains well
  • It helps to moderate moisture levels in the garden
  • It also moderates soil temperature
  • It reduces the need for watering as much 50 percent. This is especially beneficial in drought prone areas