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Erosion Control Coir Nets

Coir Erosion Control Nets are perfect ecofriendly product to control soil erosion. When an area is devoid of vegetation, erosion tends to occur due to water and air. In order to control the erosion, some form of material need to be used to provide ground cover. Currently there are a number of synthetic textiles used for this purpose, however these synthetic materials create additional problems in the form of pollution due to degradation over a period of time in toxic material and by leeching in to ground water. Furthermore, they do not always permit natural ground cover to take over. The coir nets have optimum strength to hold back the soil for a sustained period.

Erosion Control Coir Nets

The nets eventualy degrade and become perfect medium for the natural ground cover plants to grow. The nets are woven to permit plants to take root through the holes in them. They also act as a medium to retain water for longer period of time. Different grade of nets are used based on the topography of the ground. The more closely knit nets can be used to curtail erosion in high slop areas, while the more loosely knit nets can be used in flatter terrain.

The erosion control mesh can be produced and delivered as per customer requirements.