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Production Process

SAI COCOPEAT uses neutral medium for manufacturing coco peat substrates and products, without processing or addition of chemicals, easily recyclable composed solely of material that has undergone no chemical treatment

We subject all our products to a 4 stage process


For substrate requiring a low conductivity.


To be compacted, our substrate must have a precise humidity rate.


For all Natural, Duo, Air and coco chips substrates.


All materials are stocked according to their rate of humidity and their level of conductivity.

For the development of our substrate we take one or several of these materials to achieve a homogeneous mixture that will be compacted to be despatched.

Our Packaging Techniques

Types Of Packaging

Packing – Palletized Stuffing

Packing - Loose Stuffing


Packing – Bundle Packing

palletized-stuffing1-big palletized-stuffing1-big